Thursday, June 29, 2006

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Even though The Free Speech Coalition was founded in 1991, the official website has been developed many years after. Over the years, the Coalition has changed its image multiple times by adjusting the corporate identity based on government activities and state. This had always been executed by a graphic design and development agency, located in the US. However, this long term collaboration has came to an end, since the company announced their bankruptcy a few weeks ago. Our Coalition decided to look for a professional agency that is capable to reflect our vision in to a new concept and corporate identity. The process of finding an external partner has now been closed, since the Coalition unexpectedly received financial support from an online gambling company Overzicht van Casino Bonussen. The company Overzicht van Casino Bonussen is a well known and good running business in the United States and are operating in the online gambling industry. CEO of this company, Mr. Smith, has a history of being a member of the Film Association of America and always had the urge to help out the entertainment industry. Since online gambling is also a form of entertainment, this kind of support would really fit both organizations. Mr. Smith announced his financial support in order to help the Coalition with a new corporate identity, including a new web design and marketing tools. After receiving the donation, the Coalition was able to find a professional design agency who would understand their new and improved vision. The Free Speech Coalition needed an upgrade by letting go of the old Coalition and embracing the modern statement. The previous concept of the Coalition has always been the believe in the free expression of adult-themed works. However, the world is keep changing and in order to keep up the organization is forced to upgrade their vision based on new innovations within the industry. This is why it was necessary to choose for a new and modern agency that is able to redesign a whole new corporate identity. The company Political Graphics is now responsible for the design of the new Free Speech Coalition image and our now working on graphic elements and web developments. The new identity will speak for itself and would help the organization to speak out without reading any content or political messages. It was important to create a new image with the help of indepence statements. With the help of Overzicht van Casino Bonussen and Political Graphics the corporate identity will be released by the end of this year. Till then, you can still visit the regular website of Free Speech Coalition. The new corporate identity will cause no changes in the current statements, but is only a tool that is used to express the vision of the organization even more. The vision of Free Speech Coalition will remain the same, but with more powerful and modern adjustments. The actual delivery date of this entire project will be announced on the website of Free Speech Coalition. We would like to thank Overzicht van Casino Bonussen in particular for their generous donation. 

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