Thursday, June 29, 2006

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2007 News Links Archive

2006 News Links Archive

12/11/2006Web porn may get X-rated e-labels
12/10/2006Sex And The City: “Adult’ Businesses Add To Hartford’s Image Woes
12/10/2006Miramar, Florida: City revises zoning rules
12/4/2006Viagra & ‘The Pill’ for Men: Business is Destroying the Last Great Taboo
11/17/2006U.K.: New steps to extend police powers to punish porn users
11/15/2006DOJ: The Web is One Percent Pornography
11/3/2006Porn on Trial
10/31/2006How the Web Prevents Rape
10/31/2006Abstinence message goes beyond teens
10/27/2006U.S. publishers say Child Online Protection Act should be struck down
10/26/2006Opinion: Is pornography harmful to consumers?
10/26/2006You Go, Antigua
10/23/2006Government defends 1998 anti-porn law
9/29/2006Berners-Lee Speaks Out on Net Neutrality, Dark Net
9/29/2006Pornography has its benefits
9/29/2006Georgia: Martin man faces obscenity charges
9/28/2006More Global Effort Needed To Fight Sex Crimes Against Children
9/28/2006Utah: Porn, gambling, liquor companies slapped for soliciting minors
9/12/2006‘Girls Gone Wild’ Cuts Plea Deal
9/5/2006 Opinion: Fight For the Internet Freedom Heats Up
9/2/2006Google to Give Data To Brazilian Court
9/2/2006Pro-Family Groups Call for Obscenity Enforcement
9/2/2006Net Neutrality Wins More Senators
9/2/2006New Jersey: Adult book store owner charged with criminal and code violations
9/2/2006Net neutrality, broadband legislation on back burner
9/1/2006Commentary: See no evil
9/1/2006National Outpouring of Support for Net Neutrality
9/1/2006Myths of the Nanny State
8/30/2006England: Support for porn ban but doubts remain
8/29/2006Religious right fumes after Arnold signs gay rights bill
8/28/2006Commentary: This is Obscene
8/28/2006South Korea: Cops Crack Down on Internet Obscenity
8/25/2006Updated adult website regs “a huge headache”
8/24/2006Opinion: Hardcore distortion
8/24/2006 Google Wrestles With Brazil’s Requests For User Data On American Servers
8/23/2006US groups fight to ban the broadcast of pornography in hotel rooms
8/22/2006Prepared Remarks of Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales at 18th Annual Crimes Against Children Conference
8/22/2006Wisconsin: Gov. Doyle: Announces $50 Million to Protect Children from Online Sex Predators
8/22/2006Michigan Couple Pleads Guilty to Obscenity Violations
8/21/2006Explicit pictures online test child-pornography laws
8/21/2006FTC chief critiques Net neutrality
8/21/2006Court: Sexy Billboard Law Unconstitutional
8/20/2006Editorial: Our View: Balancing act
8/18/2006BYU Professor To Speak In Supreme Court Porn Case
8/18/2006Historic Provisions for GLBT Families Signed Into Law
8/17/2006Commentary: Net Neutrality Would Violate the First Amendment Rights of ISPs
8/17/2006Net Neutrality: Why You Should Contact Your Senators
8/16/2006Vermont: Meeting to define adult zones
8/16/2006Georgia: Love Shack awaiting permit in Johns Creek
8/11/ Protecting kids online
8/11/2006AOL is Watching You
8/11/2006CDC Report: Fewer high school students having sex
8/11/2006Kansas: Shops Indicted for obscenity
8/10/2006WiMax, Net Neutrality And Basic Fact Checking
8/10/2006Adult entertainment targeted
8/10/2006Michigan attorney general charges companies with e-mail violation
8/9/2006Police arrest 4 alleged Craigslist prostitutes
8/9/2006No Wedding Bells: Why banning same-sex marriage spells disaster
8/8/2006Public Obscenity At San Diego Gay Pride
8/8/2006Court rules against man in porn-at-work case
8/7/2006Canada bans British lesbian novel
8/7/2006Google warns on ‘unsafe’ websites
8/6/2006‘Baby, Give Me a Kiss’
8/4/2006Advocacy group: Online free speech under fire
8/4/2006Net Neutrality: Lessons from the Past
8/4/2006Television’s bizarre range of obscenity standards makes no sense
8/3/2006Lions Den adult bookstore in Montrose loses appellate court fight to reopen
8/3/2006Suspected Adult Book Store Robber Arrested
8/2/2006Net neutrality vote looms in Senate?
8/1/2006Prepared Remarks Of Attorney General Gonzales at Summer Conference of National District Attorneys Association
8/1/2006Kansas: Teenagers Charged with Promoting Obscenity
7/31/2006US government changes stance on future of Icann
7/31/2006Fact Sheet: The Adam Walsh Child Protection And Safety Act Of 2006
7/29/2006Two Men Sentenced to Federal Prison on Obscenity Conviction
7/27/2006Retiree cleared of pornography charges for a 30-year-old book
7/26/2006Sex sites facing law to clean up their act
7/21/2006Frist, Walsh Hail Passage Of Child Predators Legislation
7/20/2006Nevada: Porn star for governor?
7/20/200650% of child pornography from US – report
7/18/2006Net neutrality debate highlights need for thoughtful action
7/10/2006Adult Entertainment Industry Announces Draft Code of Ethics & Best Practices
7/7/2006Obituary: Ralph Ginzburg; Pushed Envelope as a Publisher
7/6/2006N.Y. top court rules against gay marriage
7/6/2006Ga. Top Court Reinstates Gay Marriage Ban
7/5/2006Louisiana: Library board to consider monitoring chat room use on computers
7/5/2006Antitrust Battle Next for Net Neutrality?
7/4/2006Soldiers to wed in Spanish military’s first public brush with gay marriage
7/4/2006forty years ago, public gained its right to know
7/4/2006Sex in Video Games Conference: Sex, Ethics, and Video Games
7/3/2006Commentary: As American as Apple Pie
7/3/2006India: ‘Who defines obscenity?’
7/2/2006Australia: Porn trade failure
7/1/ probes US government interference
7/1/2006Eric E. Rofes (August 31, 1954 – June 26, 2006)
6/30/2006The XXX factor: A festival hit shows that porn filmmakers can cross over
6/29/2006Net neutrality amendment dies; Telecommunications bill goes to Senate without provision sought by Web firms
6/28/2006United Kingdom: BBFC plans to censor the internet
6/28/2006Comcast to log Internet usage longer
6/27/2006Louisiana: Man pleads guilty in internet obscenity case
6/27/2006Anti-ICANN Groups Spam The US Department of Commerce
6/24/2006Google Gets Movie Close-up
6/22/2006U.S. Appeals Court Rejects Arousal Test for Sex Offender
6/22/2006Iowa: Mason City Council takes next step on sexually-oriented business ordinance
6/22/2006Georgia: Sandy Springs tables vote on obscenity ordinance
6/22/2006NY lawmaker drops suit claiming Google profits from child porn
6/21/2006Utah Attorney General joins the fight for anti-porn registry
6/21/2006Former teacher challenges child porn charges
6/21/2006Sides face off over state Child Protection Registry
6/21/2006Australia: Govt frustrated in attempts to block internet pornography
6/20/2006Video sites grapple with specter of smut
6/20/2006Critics say antiporn effort could affect wrong sites
6/19/2006Indiana: Despite years of opposition, strip clubs thrive on U.S. 20
6/19/2006Tangled web of fear, greed and Internet’s fate
6/17/2006Georgia: Council to decide on budget, obscenity law
6/17/2006Commentary: [Georgia] Obscenity law poses unjust threat
6/16/2006‘Save The Internet’ Coalition Intensifies Net Neutrality Efforts
6/16/2006Cost of Free Speech Just Went Up $292,500
6/16/2006Cheat Sheet: Net neutrality
6/14/2006Scoring with XXX Games
6/13/2006Air Pollution: FCC fines for indecency and obscenity
6/13/2006Porn Webmasters Bush-Whacked?
6/12/2006Grand Theft Auto dodges indecency fine
6/11/2006Utah PTA supports anti-porn registry
6/10/2006Georgia: Porn law heads to vote
6/8/2006Utah: Cannon tries to ban federal courts from hearing state porn cases
6/8/2006British porn fans thriving in the office
6/6/2006Made in the USA: The World Wide Web
6/4/2006Conservatives in Indonesia Seeking More Repressive Pornography Law
6/3/2006Minnesota: Porn shop threatened, shut down in unrelated actions
6/3/2006The Federal Information Tax
6/2/2006Fed court to decide Utah web porn war
6/1/2006Microsoft comments on data retention
6/1/2006Ala. candidates revive judicial debate
6/1/2006NY court says sex offender can be blocked from possessing porn
6/1/2006U.S. asks Internet firms to save data
6/1/2006Federal Grand Jury Charges Arizona and California Companies and Their Owners with Obscenity Violations
U.S. Department of Justice
5/30/2006Justices Set Limits on Public Employees’ Speech Rights
5/30/2006Web porn opponent suggests a clean fix
5/30/2006Indecency Complaints in Q1 ’06 Surpass Full 2005 Count
5/29/2006Cambodia says 3G phones spread pornography
5/28/2006Proposed Yellowstone County Obscenity Ordinance
5/28/2006Guest Opinion: Yellowstone County ballot measures would threaten adults’ constitutional rights
5/28/2006Gonzales pressures ISPs on data retention
5/25/2006Verizon, NSA Case Puts Companies on Notice
5/25/2006Judge Asked to Dismiss Pornography Industry?s Lawsuit Against State of Utah
Released by WDC Media
5/24/2006Cannes sex films question role of porn, Internet
5/24/2006Adult Business Not Welcomed in Tower District
5/23/2006Search Engine Curbs Adult Links
5/23/2006ICM sues two state departments, seeking to keep .xxx domain proposal alive
5/23/20062 judges rule U.S. sex policy is illegal Tying health funds to a moral stance violates free speech
5/23/2006Homeland Insecurity
5/22/2006Thousands rally to support Indonesia anti-porn bill
5/22/2006Domain names shouldn’t be only a U.S. domain
5/22/2006Porn domain firm sues US government
5/22/2006COPA Targets ???Harmful Material,??? Not Pornography
5/21/2006Montana: County voters to decide limits on obscenity
5/20/2006 Internet Registry Fights for .XXX Domain
5/20/2006Survey Shows Internet Filter Limit Free Exchange Of Ideas
5/20/2006.XXX Registry Files Suit Against US Government
5/19/2006Ohio: CCV resets sights on pornography in county
5/19/2006Commentary: Feds pursuit of phone records is latest fishing trip
5/19/2006Opinion: Dopy Internet Legislation Hurts Kids
5/19/2006Increased Fines For Obscenity Violations Approved by US Senate
5/18/2006Why can’t I find .xxx on the net?
5/17/2006Congress may make ISPs snoop on you
5/17/2006Measuring the Child Porn Trade
5/17/2006Prepared Remarks of Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales at the Project Safe Childhood Implementation Launch
5/17/2006Group targets porn site deception
5/17/2006Kansas: Grand jury on pornography to convene next month, judge says
5/4/2006Freedom of Speech Takes Another Hit
3/28/2006Australia: Pressure builds for censorship

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