Thursday, June 29, 2006

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2007 Headlines Archive

10/31/2007Child-Porn Law Under Review by Supreme Court
by Justin Bourne (Courtesy of AVN)
WASHINGTON – The U.S. Supreme Court began examining the constitutionality of the PROTECT Act of 2003 on Tuesday to determine whether the child-pornography law’s language is overly vague and broad.
9/14/2007FBI: Three Inspections to Occur Next Week
by David Sullivan (Courtesy of AVN)
WASHINGTON – Federal Bureau of Investigation agents met with representatives of the adult entertainment industry today at FBI headquarters to address issues related to the federal 2257 record-keeping law.
9/6/20072257 Industry Statement for Public Comment Period
The proposed rules and regulations in support of 2257 issued on July 12, 2007, will cause considerable burden, both financially and logistically, to the adult entertainment industry. This burden is so onerous that it would force many small companies completely out of business. For those able to stay in business, the proposed 2257 would severely diminish their ability to succeed.
7/30/2007Guide for Public Comments
The U.S. Justice Department is seeking to amend and update the 2257 regulations by a process known as notice-and-comment rulemaking. In this process, the Government publishes proposed regulations in a publication called the Federal Register and invites public comment for a specified period. Then, the Government goes back and considers the comments…
7/18/2007FSC Membership Meeting Features ‘Presidential Debate’
by Mark Kernes
NORTH HOLLYWOOD, Calif. – The Free Speech Coalition’s first membership meeting under new executive director Diane Duke took place Tuesday evening after the close of the Adult Novelty Expo, and the invited guests delivered all-star information and entertainment.
by Diane Duke
What began with a simple call from Legendary Lars of (AFF), stating that they would like to help the Free Speech Coalition (FSC) raise funds for its continued efforts with 2257, has evolved into a powerful tool in fighting government oppression and intrusion. AFF and its parent company, Various, Inc., not only initiated a fund-raising effort FSC on the website, but also agreed to match donations up to $10,000.
6/18/2007Adult Friend Finder Offers FSC Matching Grant to Battle 2257 Changes
by Peter Warren (Courtesy of AVN)
PALO ALTO, Calif. – Sexual networking site has offered a grant to the Free Speech Coalition that will match donations up to $10,000 made to the organization in aid of its fight against certain amendments to the 18 U.S.C. ? 2257 record-keeping statute.
6/12/2007Purveyors of porn scramble to keep up with Internet
by by By Jon Swartz, (Courtesy of USA TODAY)
SAN FRANCISCO. Major players in the adult-entertainment industry, long in the vanguard of technology use, now find themselves playing catch-up.
5/28/2007Industry Tees Up to Support Haven House
by Tom Hymes (Courtesy of
Tarzana, Calif. – Monday was a perfect day for golf and the Braemar Country Club in Tarzana the perfect setting as about 140 golfers, many of them from the adult entertainment industry…
5/17/2007Illinois Libraries Protest Internet Filtering Law
by Eddie Adams (Courtesy of
Chicago – A proposal that would require libraries across the state to use filters on public computers has been passed by the Illinois House of Representatives and is now being referred to the Senate’s Rules Committee.
5/17/2007Flynt Recounts Years of Adversity, Friendship with Falwell on Larry King
by Tom Hymes (Courtesy of
Hollywood, Calif. – Larry Flynt, the legendary publisher of Hustler Magazine, appeared on the Larry King show last night to talk about his professional and personal history with Christian evangelist…
5/9/2007AVN Responds to American Family Association
by Mark Kernes (Courtesy of
Chatsworth, Calif. – James L. Lambert, a self-described “former pornography addict” who now sells mortgages, posted a column Tuesday on OneNewsNow, the American Family Association’s…
4/19/2007Proposed Porn Tax Bill Is Deja Vu All Over Again For Free Speech Coalition
by Mark Kernes (Courtesy of
Sacramento – As the Free Speech Coalition gears up for its tenth annual Celebrate Free Speech Lobbying Days on April 22-23, it will be fighting the same fight it won during those very first lobbying days back in 1997: A porn tax bill…
4/18/2007District Court Upholds Houston Anti-Adult Ordinance
by Mark Kernes (Courtesy of
Houston – In what religio-conservative group Focus on the Family is calling “an aggressive assault on Houston’s sex businesses,” a federal court has now entered its final ruling denying Houston retailers and…
4/13/2007Obscene Rant on MySpace Found Constitutionally Protected
by Eddie Adams (Courtesy of
Indianapolis – An angry, obscenity-laden MySpace rant by a local middle school student aimed at her principle has been ruled as constitutionally protected by the Indiana Court of Appeals.
4/9/2007Anti-Porn Group Plans to Deliver Anti-‘Obscenity’ Petitions in Six Kansas City Area Counties
by Tod Hunter (Courtesy of
Kansas City – The National Coalition for the Protection of Children & Families, along with pastors in the greater Kansas City area, plan to deliver petitions on May 17 requesting grand jury…
4/7/2007Analysis: New U.S. Attorney Scandal Uncovered in Minnestota
by Mark Kernes (Courtesy of
Minneapolis – U.S. Attorney Rachel Paulose has only been on the job for a little more than a year, and she’s already managed to alienate four of her top staff to the point that they’ve all voluntarily demoted…
4/3/2007Colorado District Court Reaches Decision On Summary Judgment Motion in 2257 Case
by Mark Kernes (Courtesy of
Denver, Colo. – On March 30, U.S. District Court Judge Walker D. Miller handed down a decision on the Motion for Summary Judgment filed by Free Speech Coalition in its lawsuit against Attorney General…
3/30/2007ICANN Shoots Down ICM’s .XXX Proposal
by Rhett Pardon (Courtesy of
LISBON, Portugal – ICM Registry again failed to become the .XXX sTLD registry after the Internet’s policy-making board shot down its third attempt to get its proposal approved.
2/23/2007News Analysis: Fifth Circuit Ignores Spirit of Alameda In Adult Bookstore Decision
by Mark Kernes (Courtesy of
Fort Worth, Tx. – In a decision handed down Thursday, the Fifth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals delivered a blow to adult businesses in Kennedale, Tex. – and by extension, to all adult businesses…
2/20/2007Michigan County Pushes for Adult Zoning Changes
by Eddie Adams (Courtesy of
Petosky, Mich. – Emmet County’s current ordinance for adult businesses may get stricter as the Planning Commission held the first of three public meetings on Monday for proposed zoning changes.
2/20/2007Man Claims Internet Chatroom Addiction in Dispute Against IBM
by Michael Hayes (Courtesy of
White Plains, N.Y. – A man suing IBM for wrongful termination has said that his use of Internet chatrooms is a disability ? not unlike drug and alcohol addiction ? and that IBM?s decision to fire him for visiting adult chatrooms while at work violates the Americans with Disability Act (ADA).
2/15/200711th Circuit Court of Appeals Says: No Fundamental Right to Sex Toys
by Michael Hayes (Courtesy of
Atlanta – In a unanimous opinion, a three-judge panel for the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals upheld an Alabama statute banning the commercial distribution of sex toys, saying that there is no fundamental right to privacy raised by the…
2/15/2007Montana Lawmakers Look to Pass Stricter Adult Ordinances
by Eddie Adams (Courtesy of
Great Falls, Mont. – The Montana House Judiciary Committee is considering enacting tighter adult ordinances. The Great Falls Tribune reported that the committee has been working on passing tougher legislation that would grant more power to the state’s counties, cities and towns.
2/14/2007ICRA Begins New Era, New Mission
by Michael Hayes (Courtesy of
Washington – The Internet Content Ratings Association (ICRA) officially relaunched with its new name and expanded mission yesterday. The Family Online Safety Institute (FOSI) will work to…
1/6/2007Dot-xxx Rides Again
by Kathee Brewer (Courtesy of
Marina del Rey, Calif. – Eight months after the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) declined to approve a proposed contract with registrar-hopeful ICM Registry…
1/2/2007Analysis: Jack Abramoff, Tom DeLay and The Republican Moral High Ground
by Mark Kernes (Courtesy of
Washington – As everyone viewing this site must know by now, Republicans are the party of God; they are the moral guides of the government, just as their supporters among evangelical…
2006 Headlines Archive

12/21/2006Analysis: Fox Broadcasting’s Indecency Case Has Close Parallels To Adult’s Obscenity Problems
by Mark Kernes (Courtesy of
New York – On Wednesday, the Second Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals heard argument in the broadcast indecency case of Fox Broadcasting v. Federal Communications Commission…
12/20/2006Missouri Strip Club Law Struck Down
by Eddie Adams (Courtesy of
Kansas City – The Missouri Supreme Court ruled Tuesday that a law banning nudity and imposing other restrictions on strip clubs violates the state constitution, according to a recently published report.
12/20/2006Appeals Court Enforces Ban on Erotic Movement in Clubs
by Gretchen Gallen (Courtesy of
Greenboro, N.C. ? In a far-reaching decision that could potentially make cheerleaders or pop singers a target for prosecution, a 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a ban on erotic simulation in adult entertainment venues throughout the state of North Carolina.
12/13/2006directNIC Demands Hand Over Model IDs
by Steve Javors (Courtesy of
New Orleans – In a move that could indicate further scrutiny by domain registrars, directNIC has demanded that TGP operator hand over model IDs on all performers it suspects…
12/13/2006City of Fontana Tries to Shut Down Diamonds Strip Club
by Vance Kingsley (Courtesy of
Fontana, Calif. – City officials have filed suit in San Bernadino Superior Court in an attempt to shut down Diamonds Gentlemen?s Club on Foothill Boulevard.
12/12/2006Sen. McCain Aims to Expand Federal Obscenity Reporting Law
by Michael Hayes (Courtesy of
Washington – Speaking at the close of the 2006 legislative term, Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., said he plans to introduce legislation that would extend federal obscenity reporting guidelines to all forms…
12/11/2006Congressional Bill Proposes Labeling for Adult Websites
by David Sullivan (Courtesy of
Washington – A federal spending bill recently submitted to Congress includes an added provision aimed at regulating porn websites, the Newark Star-Ledger reported.
12/11/2006Kan. Lawmaker Seeks to Tax Adult Businesses
by Michael Hayes (Courtesy of
Kansas City, Kan. ? In what appears to be a growing legislative trend to regulate brick-and-mortar adult stores, a lawmaker in Kansas has said he plans to introduce a bill that would require adult-oriented businesses to apply for an occupation license and pay a special tax.
12/11/2006Internet Neutrality Supporters Call Lack of Vote on Telecom Bill “Huge Victory for Real People”
by Q. Boyer (Courtesy of
Washington, DC – The 109th Congress has reached the close of its much-criticized session and has done so without further action on the bill HR 5252 – a massive telecommunications legislative…
12/8/2006FTC to Hold Public Workshop on Net Neutrality
by Steve Javors (Courtesy of
Washington – The Federal Trade Commission will hold a public workshop Feb. 13-14, to discuss the issue of net neutrality. The FTC?s new committee, the Internet Access Task Force, will organize the workshop.
12/6/2006Town Blocks Comcast On-Demand Over Porn
by Michael Hayes (Courtesy of
South Holland, Ill. – A tiny Chicago suburb has blocked Comcast cable’s on-demand signal citing concerns that the citizens of the town will use the service to watch adult content.
12/6/2006Man Arrested for “Terrorizing” Florida Sex Shop
by Eddie Adams (Courtesy of
Gainesville, Fla. – A man accused of spewing hazardous material into a local sex shop with what authorities called a “weapon of mass destruction” was arrested and booked on Tuesday. The man was later released.
11/30/2006Judge Rules Louisiana Video Game Law Unconstitutional, ESA Seeks Recovery of Legal Fees
by Q. Boyer (Courtesy of
Baton Rouge, LA – Judge James Brady of the Federal District Court in Baton Rouge yesterday issued a permanent injunction against implementation of Louisiana’s HB 1381, a law prohibiting the sale of some violent video games to…
11/29/2006Louisiana Town Approves Adult Business Rules
by Carlos Martinez (Courtesy of
Tangipoah Parish, La. – Parish Council members approved a new ordinance restricting adult businesses that was based on a proposal submitted by a so-called pro-family legal group.
11/27/2006Broadcasters Say FCC Crackdown is Unconstitutional
by Carlos Martinez (Courtesy of
Washington – CBS Corp. and Fox Television Stations Inc. are calling the Federal Communications Commission’s crackdown on TV profanity and nudity is unconstitutional.
11/27/2006New FSC Executive Director Takes Control
by John Stuart (Courtesy of
Chatsworth, Calif. – Diane Duke began her tenure today as executive director of the Free Speech Coalition. The former Planned Parenthood vice president also served on the Human Rights…
11/26/2006U.S. Judge Grants Extension in Extreme Associates Case
by Rhett Pardon (Courtesy of
Pittsburgh – The federal judge to decide the U.S. government?s obscenity case against Extreme Associates owners Robert Zicari and Janet Romano agreed Tuesday to continue pretrial filings for three months.
11/22/2006Fresno Officials Consider Moratorium on Adult Businesses
by Carlos Martinez (Courtesy of
Fresno, Calif. – City Council members are considering imposing a moratorium on adult businesses after residents spoke out against an adult bookstore that opened in January then was later forced to…
11/22/2006DOJ, ACLU Make Closing Arguments in COPA Case; Judge’s Ruling Expected in Early ’07
by Q. Boyer (Courtesy of
Philadelphia, PA – Attorneys for the American Civil Liberties Union presented their closing arguments Monday in the case ACLU v. Gonzales, the ACLU’s legal challenge of the Child Online…
11/21/2006Calif. Ruling Rejects Libel for Online Republishers
by Michael Hayes (Courtesy of
Sacramento, Calif. – In a decision that could have profound repercussions for web publishers, bloggers and anyone who posts to online message boards, the California Supreme Court said those who republish defamatory…
11/20/2006Closing Arguments Begin in COPA Trial
by Michael Hayes (Courtesy of
Philadelphia – After a four-week trial, U.S. District Judge Lowell Reed will hear closing arguments in the Child Online Protection Act case. The case, which pits a host of plaintiffs represented by the ACLU…
11/19/2006Florida Adult Business Regulations Barely Pass
by Eddie Adams (Courtesy of
Tampa, Fl. – Just a little over half of Tampa voters indicated that they want sexually oriented businesses regulated ?to the fullest extent of the law? after last week?s nonbinding referendum.
11/18/2006Report Finds Adult-Themed Searches Rank High in Utah
by Ken Knox (Courtesy of
Salt Lake City – In a hypocritical twist of fate, it was reported that Utah – the state of God-fearing Mormons, Republican ideology, and famous home recipes for chocolate – may not be as upstanding as it seems.
11/17/2006FSC Seeks Halt to All 2257 Inspections
by Steve Javors (Courtesy of
Los Angeles – Free Speech Coalition Chairman Jeffrey Douglas told XBIZ he believes that the FBI has violated a court-ordered injunction designed to protect FSC members who are defined as secondary producers.
11/10/2006Nevada High Court Upholds Law Restricting Lap Dancing
by Carlos Martinez (Courtesy of
Carson City, Nev. – Those who like their Las Vegas lap dances with some fondling and caressing will have to go elsewhere after the Nevada Supreme Court banned dancers from getting too hands-on with their customers.
11/9/2006Washington State: Exotic Dance Clubs Win Voter Referendum
by Layne Winklebleck (Free Speech Coalition)
Seattle, Wa – By a 63% to 37% margin, voters here have overturned an exotic dance club ordinance which would have required dancers to stay 4 feet from patrons, banned direct tipping, outlawed private dances in VIP rooms and mandated bright lighting in the clubs.
11/8/2006Dems Take House, Senate Too Close to Call in Midterms
by Michael Hayes (Courtesy of
Washington – With high voter turnout on the heels of a hotly contested midterm election, the U.S. electorate chiseled away at the Republican hold on the federal government, returning control of the House to the Democrats for the first time in 12 years…
11/8/2006Jury Indicts Virginia Sex Shop Owners for Obscenity
by Eddie Adams (Courtesy of
Stafford, Va. – A grand jury indicted a local sex shop along with its two owners on charges of violating the state’s obscenity laws. The Free-Lance Star reported that Pheromoans Inc., Meagan J. Pacheco, 26, and Lesley O. Mason, 27, have each been charged with three misdemeanor counts. Each charge carries a maximum penalty of 12 months in jail and a $2,500 fine.
11/8/2006Virginia Adult Store Owners Indicted for Obscenity
by Steve Javors (Courtesy of
North Stafford, Va. – Two owners of the Virginia sex shop Pheromoans were indicted on three misdemeanor charges of violating the state’s obscenity laws. Each charge carries a maximum penalty of 12 months in jail and a $2,500 fine. In Virginia…
11/7/2006Feds Emphatically Support Utah’s Child Protection Registry
by Darklady (Courtesy of
Washington, DC — A statement written on behalf of the United States government made it crystal clear today that it plans to stay the course in its support of Utah’s so-called Child Protection Registry in spite of concerns of redundancy and privacy risks expressed by the Free Speech Coalition and other civil rights groups.
11/6/2006ASACP Introduces “Restricted to Adult” Website Label with
by Darklady (Courtesy of
Los Angeles, CA – In an attempt to proactively address Senate concerns about the adult online community and its access by minors, The Association of Sites Advocating Child Protection (ASACP) has launched, a free site dedicated to promoting the “Restricted To Adults” website label.
11/5/2006Commentary: ‘Voter Guides’ Show Bias Against Adult
by Mark Kernes (Courtesy of
Atsworth, Calif. – As this is written, it’s three days before the election, and the numbers in the polls on single issues still aren’t adding up to 100, which means that there are still apparently some “undecideds” out there.
11/5/2006Commentary: Theocrats Count on The Power of Inertia
by Mark Kernes (Courtesy of
Chatsworth, Calif. – The past few months haven’t been good for the theocrats. One by one, their Republican buddies in Congress and elsewhere ? Bob Ney, Duke Cunningham, Jack Abramoff, Porter Goss, Tom “Coingate” Noe, Mark Foley, Tom DeLay and others ? have been cashiered or jailed … and now one of their own, Ted Haggard, has copped a “Clinton”: Whether it’s crystal or his gay masseur’s cock, he “smoked” but he “didn’t inhale.”
11/2/2006Study Suggests Social Benefits of Access to Online Porn
by Michael Hayes (Courtesy of
Clemson, S.C. – An academic paper written by a Clemson University Economics professor suggests that there is a causal link between access to online adult entertainment and the instances of sexual assault. His conclusion: Increased Internet access is a factor in lowering the rape rate.
10/31/2006Strip Club Owner Gets 16 Years in Prison
by Carlos Martinez (Courtesy of
Paso, Texas – A strip club owner was sentenced to 16 years in prison and ordered to pay a $10,000 fine after her conviction on promoting prostitution. Phyllis Woodall, 50, owner of the Naked Harem, showed little emotion last Thursday when she was sentenced, the El Paso Times…
10/29/2006Judge Rules Against Michigan Clubs in Ordinance Challenge
by Eddie Adams (Courtesy of
Grand Rapids, Mich. – A lawsuit filed by Herb Newhouse, owner of the Little Red Barn Adult Theatre, and Mark London, owner of Sensation and Lady Godiva gentlemen????????s clubs, was recently dismissed as a U.S. District Judge ruled that a city ordinance restricting activity at sexually oriented businesses is valid.
10/14/2006Web Experts: Foley Scandal Could Generate More Calls for Online Data Retention
by Ericka Rachelle (Courtesy of
Washington – The Internet Caucus Advisory Committee this week hosted a three-part panel series on legislating online child safety. The Internet Caucus is a bipartisan group composed of more than 170 members of the House and Senate working to educate their colleagues…
10/12/2006FBI, Adult Companies Hold Meeting
by Gretchen Gallen (Courtesy of
Washington – In the first open dialogue with law enforcement since 2257 inspections began several months ago, a meeting took place today at FBI headquarters with a clutch of adult companies. The companies were joined by their attorneys and James Burrus, the…
10/10/2006FBI Agents Inspect Legend’s Records
by Carlos Martinez (Courtesy of
Chatsworth, Calif. – Agents from the FBI inspected performers records at Legend Video this morning, its co-owner Bruce Mendelsohn confirmed today. “the FBI arrived at 9 O’clock this morning and were very cordial and they asked to see the records for specific movies,” Mendelsohnl said.
10/10/2006Jeffrey Douglas: Latest 2257 Inspection Violates FSC Injunction
by Rhett Pardon (Courtesy of
Santa Monica, Calif. – Free Speech Coalition attorney Jeffrey Douglas, who also represents Chatsworth, Calif.-based Legend Video, said today’s FBI inspection of the company’s 2257 records was conducted in violation of an injunction issued in favor of the…
10/2/2006Supreme Court Won’t Hear Sex Toy Case
by Michael Hayes (Courtesy of
Washington – The U.S. Supreme Court has refused to hear a case involving a Texas law banning the sale of sex toys shaped like sexual organs. Ignacio Acosta, an employee at an adult bookstore…
9/29/2006Academics: Online Users Can Be Identified With Clickprints
by Michael Hayes (Courtesy of
Philadelphia – A computer science professorat the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School has joined with a colleague at the University of California at Davis to publish a paper on “clickprints,”…
9/28/2006Commentary: Conservative Takeover Plans Revealed In Values Voter Summit Final Session
by Mark Kernes (Courtesy of
Washington – That happy feeling engendered by knowing that no true conservative, thanks to Rev. Don Wildmon’s boycott, would ever again buy a car from Ford didn’t last for those who went outside…
9/28/2006Commentary: Clinton Jokes And Culture War Stories Highlight Values Voter Summit, Day 2
by Mark Kernes (Courtesy of
Washington – Before entering the ballroom at the Omni Shoreham Hotel in Washington, D.C. for the beginning of the second day of the 2006 Values Voter Summit, I decided to check out what was actually in the “goodies bag” I’d been given at registration, as well as a few items I’d picked up in the course of Day 1.
9/27/2006U.S. v. Karen Fletcher: Text of the Indictment
by Mark Kernes (Courtesy of
Pittsburgh, Pa. – AVN has now obtained the text of the six-count indictment against webmistress Karen Fletcher in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania.
9/26/2006Commentary: Values Voter Summit Continues to Rev Up the Troops
by Mark Kernes (Courtesy of
Washington – “Greetings from the President of the United States!” That’s how Bush press flack (formerly Fox News talking head) Tony Snow began his segment of the 2006 Values Voter Summit, the last major theocrat conference to be held before the ’06 elections, which took place at the Omni Shoreham Hotel in Washington, D.C. on Sept. 22-24.
9/25/20066 States Consider Online Dating Regulation, Critics Say Laws Would Be Unenforceable, Ineffective
by Q. Boyer (Courtesy of
Cyberspace — Citing concern over such portals being an online hunting ground for sexual predators and other criminals, lawmakers in a half-dozen states are considering new laws mandating the performance of criminal background checks by online dating sites,…
9/24/2006Commentary: The ‘Values’ Are Clear at 2006 Values Voter Summit
by Mark Kernes (Courtesy of
Washington – Think of it as a sort of “Night of the Stars” for the Religious Right – and this was just the first day of the 2006 Values Voter Summit, part of a series of meetings of religious conservatives that co-sponsor Family Research Council (FRC), through its openly-political arm…
9/21/2006Review: ‘America’s War On Sex’
by Mark Kernes (Courtesy of
Chatsworth, Calif. – Almost since its founding 23 years ago, Adult Video News has reported on the government’s attempts to suppress sexually explicit video, and in recent years has expanded its coverage…
9/19/2006Gonzales Urges ISPs Data Retention, Banking Help
by Michael Hayes (Courtesy of
Washington – Attorney General Alberto Gonzales called upon Congress to require Internet service providers to retain customer records to aid prosecutors in building cases against people…
9/15/2006Missouri High Court Considers Appeal of Adult Entertainment Law
by Eddie Adams (Courtesy of
Jefferson City, Mo. – The Missouri Supreme Court recently heard oral arguments concerning the state’s appeal of a decision by a Cole County Circuit Court Judge who threw out adult entertainment amendments last August.
9/14/2006Critic Warns Regulation Could Thwart Video Online
by Michael Hayes (Courtesy of
Boston – Speaking at the 10th anniversary VON show, a forum aimed at addressing issues surrounding the Internet, Jeff Pulver warned users of Internet video technology that FCC…
9/12/2006Joe Francis’ Company Pleads Guilty to ‘2257’ Violations
by Carlos Martinez (Courtesy of
Los Angeles – Santa Monica-based Mantra Films Inc., which produces “Girls Gone Wild” videos has pleaded guilty as part of a plea deal, to failing to maintain age and identity documentation on performers who appear in its videos.
9/11/2006Record Companies Sued Over Alleged Porn Videos of Minor
by Carlos Martinez (Courtesy of
Los Angeles – A teenage girl has sued Warner Music Group, Atlantic Records and others for allegedly coercing her to be in pornographic music videos.
9/8/2006Calif. High Court Unlikely to Impose Liability for Online Speech
by Michael Hayes (Courtesy of
Sacramento, Calif. – Justices of the California state Supreme Court hearing oral arguments in an online defamation case signaled that they were unwilling to impose liability on Internet service providers…
9/7/2006City Opposes Proposed Oregon Strip Club
by Carlos Martinez (Courtesy of
Salem. Ore. – The City Council voted unanimously last week to oppose a liquor license application to the state’s licensing board by the owners of a proposed strip club. Council members told the Salem News that if the board approves the club’s liquor license that it would fight all…
9/6/2006Louisiana Sheriffs Shut Down Adult Stores, Arrest Owners
by Steve Javors (Courtesy of
West Monroe, La. – Due to obscenity laws that outlaw the sale of sex toys, Ouachita Parish sheriffs have shuttered three adult bookstores that sell sex toys and adult videos and arrested the owners. According to Louisiana state obscenity law 106.1, it is illegal to sell sex toys, but not to possess them.
9/5/2006Adult Store Owner Sues City Over Regulations
by Carlos Martinez (Courtesy of
Richardson, Texas – The owner of an adult store has sued the North Texas city of Richardson, claiming its regulations for adult businesses are illegal. Adjust Video Inc., which owns the Zone D’Erotica store has sued the city claiming its…
9/4/2006Study Says Spam Up, Porn Down
by Matt O’Connor (Courtesy of
Lexington, Mass. ? While spam and malicious phishing emails continue flooding user inboxes, fewer adult companies are sending spam to promote their products ? and fewer hackers are using porn as bait ? according to a study from security software maker Ipswitch.
9/2/2006Nevada Passes Regulation Forbidding Porn in Workplace
by Gretchen Gallen (Courtesy of
Carson City, Nev. – Joining California and other states in their stand against porn in the workplace, Nevada officials have passed a regulation that makes viewing pornography on the job an offense worthy of immediate dismissal.
9/2/2006Michigan Clubs Lose Court Ruling
by Carlos Martinez (Courtesy of
Grand Rapids, Mich. – Strip club operators say they plan to abide by a court ruling that allows the city to enforce new regulations that forces exotic dancers to cover up.
9/1/2006Commentary: Harris Shows Effects of Religiosity on Politics
by Mark Kernes (Courtesy of
Miami – AVN has recently been accused of having an anti-religious bias, and specifically a bias against Christians, but the simple fact is, as America’s Founding Fathers knew, religion and politics are a bad mix. Nowhere is that more evident than in recent statements by…
9/1/2006Family Groups Seek Indecency Fine for Emmys Broadcast, Meeting with Bush
by Q. Boyer (Courtesy of
Washington DC – In its ongoing efforts to “cleanse” American society, nobody can accuse the Religious Right of lying down on the job.
8/31/2006Calif. Supreme Court to Decide Topless Club’s Jury Award
by Rhett Pardon (Courtesy of
San Francisco – California’s highest court has decided to review the extent of a city’s responsibility when it obtained a preliminary injunction against an adult cabaret but eventually lost its case.
8/31/2006Bush Nominates Conservatives to Appeals Court
by Carlos Martinez (Courtesy of
Nashville, Tenn. – President Bush has nominated five conservative GOP supporters as Appeals Court judges. Bush made the announcement Wednesday during a fundraiser for fellow Republican Bob Corker who faces Democrat Harold Ford Jr. in a Senate race.
8/30/2006Brits Ban Possession of Violent Pornography
by Michael Hayes (Courtesy of
London – Following a 30-month campaign by Liz Longhurst, the mother of a slain schoolteacher, the British government has announced plans to make possession of violent pornography punishable by up to three years in prison.
8/30/2006The Politics of Statistical Manipulation – Let’s Leave Spurious Logic to Our Detractors
by Q. Boyer (Courtesy of
An article published by The Washington Post in June reported that the number of rapes per capita in the United States had declined precipitously ? a drop of greater than 85-percent ? between 1979 and 2004, according to ?federal crime data.?
8/29/2006New Study Could Impact Social Policy
by Layne Winklebleck (Free Speech Coalition)
United Kingdom – A study to be published in the American Journal of Family Therapy looked at the online chatroom activities of 1,300 pre-teen girls ages 8 to 13 in several countries, including the U.K., U.S., Australia and Canada, over a five-year period.
8/26/2006AlleyBucks CEO Launches Second Charity Bid for Message Board Banner Space
by Ken Knox (Courtesy of
Irvine, Calif. – AlleyBucks Chief Executive Officer John “BoyAlley” Paul is stepping up to the plate yet again. Just a month after he helped raise $5,000 to be donated to the Ray Guhn Defense Fund by auctioning off banner space in his…
8/25/2006Christian Coalition Starting to Splinter?
by Matt O’Connor (Courtesy of
Washington, D.C. ? Three state chapters of powerful conservative lobbying group the Christian Coalition have split from the national organization, signaling division in the group?s ranks.
8/22/2006Eighth Circuit Invalidates Missouri Billboard Law
by Mark Kernes (Courtesy of
Jefferson City, Mo. – The Eighth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals today unanimously invalidated Missouri Revised Statute 226.531, which prohibited advertising within one mile of a state highway by any business classified as an “adult cabaret” or “sexually oriented business.”
8/22/2006Deal Allows Adult Video Store to Open
by Carlos Martinez (Courtesy of
Fairview Heights, Ill. – The Fairview Heights City Council approved a temporary agreement with the owners of Pure Pleasure Megacenter, paving the way for the adult video and novelty store to open.
8/19/2006Florida: County Delays Action on Adult Regulations
by Eddie Adams (Courtesy of
Hillsborough County, Fla. – A capacity crowd was on hand for a recent County Commissioners hearing concerning instituting tougher regulations for sexually oriented businesses. Strong opinions were expressed during the meeting, as the adult industry was represented by First..
8/18/2006Embattled Adult Video Store Owner Makes Political Run
by Carlos Martinez (Courtesy of
Rover Beach, Calif. – The embattled owner of a controversial adult video store has filed papers to run for a seat on the Grover Beach City Council. Steve Diamond, owner of Diamond Video World here and a second adult video store in nearby Atascadero, said he is running…
8/17/2006Federal Judge Orders End to NSA Wiretapping
by Michael Hayes (Courtesy of
Detroit – The National Security Agency (NSA) will no longer be able to conduct domestic eavesdropping, according to a ruling by federal judge Anna Diggs Taylor, who said the Bush administration’s actions contravened a range of constitutional provisions, including the right to free speech, protections against unreasonable searches and separation of powers.
8/17/2006News Analysis: Congress Violates Separation Of Powers Over Child Porn Suspects
by Mark Kernes (Courtesy of
Washington – In what appears to be a blatant violation of the Constitution’s “separation of powers” doctrine, Congress, the federal legislative branch, has sidestepped the federal executive branch – in this case, the U.S. Department of Justice – and delivered to state prosecutors and attorneys general…
8/17/20063rd Circuit Rules PA. Statute Prohibiting “Lewd” Conduct at Liquor-Licensed Establishments Unconstitutional
by Q. Boyer (Courtesy of
Philadelphia, PA – Philadelphia topless bar Club Risque and two of its dancers have achieved at least a partial victory in their challenge of a Pennsylvania statute prohibiting ???lewd, immoral or improper entertainment” at liquor-licensed establishments in the state.
8/16/2006Lessig Calls for Free Content Online
by Michael Hayes (Courtesy of
San Francisco -? Speaking at the LinuxWorld Conference and Expo, intellectual property attorney and professor Lawrence Lessig pointed out the similarities between the fight for free software, such as Linux, and the struggle to make the Internet a forum for free content, saying that existing copyright laws are incompatible with how people disseminate culture online.
8/16/2006FBI Conducts Another 2257 Inspection
by Larissa Gates (Courtesy of
Van Nuys, Calif. – The FBI on Wednesday morning conducted a search of 2257 records on the premises of Sunshine Films. The target of their search was reportedly records from All Good Video, which has not produced any new product in several years.
8/16/2006Court Strikes Down Pennsylvania’s “Lewd” Conduct Law
by Carlos Martinez (Courtesy of
Philadelphia – A U.S. Appeals Court here has struck down a Pennsylvania law that bars “lewd” behavior at businesses that serve liquor.
8/14/2006U.S. Appeals Court Expands Right to Search Laptops
by Rhett Pardon (Courtesy of
San Francisco, Calif. – Business trips just got more complicated for those relying on laptop computers. In a boon to prosecu-
tors, a federal appeals court has ruled that U.S. guards at international borders may search and seize the contents of laptop computer files without probable cause.
8/12/2006Carey to Run as Write-in Candidate for Governor
by Michael Hayes (Courtesy of
Los Angeles – Coming up short on the signature front may keep porn star-turned-politician Mary Carey from appearing on the November ballot, but it won’t keep her out of the election, as the gubernatorial candidate launched her write-in campaign.
8/11/2006FBI: 2257 Inspections Off to Good Start
by Michael Hayes (Courtesy of
Washington – The FBI has said it believes that 2257 federal record-keeping inspections of adult entertainment companies are off to a good start, according to a UPI report.
8/11/2006Attorney Lawrence Walters on ‘The O’Reilly Factor’
by Gretchen Gallen (Courtesy of
New York – First amendment lawyer Lawrence Walters was a featured guest on Fox News’ “The O’Reilly Factor” Thursday night, discussing the foiled terrorist plot in the U.K., and Scotland Yard’s use of NSA (National Security Agency) wiretap surveillance to execute the arrests of 21 terrorist suspects who were plotting to down as many as 10 airlines headed to major U.S. cities.
8/10/2006Kansas Grand Jury Indicts at Least 6 Stores
by Matt O’Connor (Courtesy of
Wichita, Kan. – A Kansas grand jury has handed down obscenity indictments against at least six adult book and video stores in the state. Attorney Charlie O’Hara told XBIZ that six of the stores he represents in Wichita and Topeka are facing charges.
8/10/2006Study: More Kids Exposed to Online Porn, Fewer Predators
by Michael Hayes (Courtesy of
Durham, N.H. – A study of online child safety from the University of New Hampshire’s Crimes Against Children Research Center presented a mixed bag, finding that while incidents of predators approaching children were down, the rate of children being exposed to adult content online was up.
8/9/2006Theocrats Call On Justice Department To Bust Hotel Pay-Per-View
by Mark Kernes (Courtesy of
Cincinnati – Spearheaded by Phil Burress’ Citizens for Community Values (CCV), 13 religio-reactionary groups claimed to have placed an ad in today’s USA Today calling on the U.S. Department of Justice to investigate and prosecute companies which supply adult videos for hotel pay-per-view systems.
8/7/2006Senate Proposes Patent Overhaul
by Michael Hayes (Courtesy of
Washington – Adult webmasters who develop, use and license the technology that drives porn online may soon find themselves operating under a different set of rules, if a recently introduced bill that overhauls the U.S. patent system becomes law.
8/6/2006CDT Says Free Speech Online Under Attack
by Michael Hayes (Courtesy of
Washington – Free speech online is facing its greatest legal opposition in a decade, the Center for Democracy and Technology said about two bills currently working their way through Congress.
8/5/2006Utah Supreme Court Upholds Nude Dancing Ban
by Carlos Martinez (Courtesy of
Salt Lake City – The Utah Supreme Court has upheld an ordinance prohibiting nude dancing at strip clubs and other adult entertainment businesses. American Bush, a strip club in South Salt Lake, sued in November 2003 to overturn the city’s ordinance against nude dancing which was passed in March 2001.
8/4/2006Mandatory Labeling Law Moving Quickly in the Senate
by Layne Winklebleck (Free Speech Coalition)
Washington, DC – A provision for mandatory labeling of sexually explicit content online has been inserted – without a hearing – into a “must pass” Senate Appropriations bill (H.R. 5672) which has already been voted out of the Commerce Committee.
8/3/2006Adult Entertainment Gives Something Back
by Michael Hayes (Courtesy of
Los Angeles – The fact that there is no such thing as nonprofit porn hasn’t stopped a handful of adult entertainment notables from giving something back to their communities. Among the companies and individuals taking time out for charity are Dane Productions, KSEX, Hustler and Shy Love.
8/2/2006Commentary: Sadly, Free Speech Must Look For A New Executive Director
by Mark Kernes (Courtesy of
Chatsworth, Calif. – In a surprise announcement yesterday, Free Speech Coalition revealed that its current executive director (ED), Michelle Freridge, will be stepping down from that position, and that a search for a new ED is currently being mounted.
8/1/2006Congress Looking at Cutting Off Offshore Tax Havens
by Rhett Pardon (Courtesy of
Washginton – Offshore tax havens might be a thing of the past, if some in Congress get their way. Several legislators are pushing for new rules that would affect businesses, particularly the numerous online adult companies that operate overseas, in tandem with a new U.S. study, titled ???Tax Haven Abuses: The Enablers, the Tools and Secrecy.???
8/1/2006Robert Hill Releasing Target of 2257 Investigation
by Mark Kernes (Courtesy of
Chatsworth, Calif. – As of 1 p.m. today, FBI agents were taking a lunch break in the middle of investigating the 2257 records of noted specialty company Robert Hill Releasing.
7/31/2006Anti-porn Group Launches Mail Campaign
by Michael Hayes (Courtesy of
Hamilton, Ohio – Cincinnati-based anti-pornography group Citizens for Community Values is taking its fight to rid Butler County of adult materials and sexually oriented businesses to the people with the launch of a 6,000 strong direct mail campaign.
7/30/2006Analysis: How the State Supreme Court HIV Ruling Affects Adult
by Mark Kernes (Courtesy of
Chatsworth, Calif. – Describing the situation as “a sad case,” California Supreme Court Justice Marvin R. Baxter has authored the majority ruling in a marital dispute that could have major repercussions for the adult video industry.
7/29/2006U.S. Bill Targets Chatrooms, Social Networking
by Rhett Pardon (Courtesy of
Washington – The House of Representatives Thursday passed legislation that would effectively expand an earlier law called the Children’s Internet Protection Act, which requires libraries and schools to filter sexually explicit material.
7/28/2006Gartman, McDowell Sentenced to Prison in Obscenity Case
by Mark Kernes (Courtesy of
Dallas – Clarence Thomas Gartman and his partner (and brother-in-law) Brent Alan McDowell were sentenced in federal court in Dallas Thursday to, respectively, 34 and 30 months in prison, after having been found guilty in a five-day trial in March for having mailed obscene material and “aiding and abetting.”
7/28/2006FBI Continues Search for 2257 Violators
by Rhett Pardon (Courtesy of
Bethlehem, Pa. – Amateur gay producer Sebastian Sloane Productions was the target of a second investigation over 2257 records that apparently is spreading nationwide.
7/28/2006Sebastian Sloane Productions Target of Second Reported 2257 Investigation
by MJ McMahon (Courtesy of
Bethlehem, Penn. – Amateur gay content producer Sebastian Sloane Productions was the target of the second reported 18 U.S.C. ? 2257 investigation this morning, according to owner JJ Ruch.
7/27/2006Industry Alert: Bush Signs Resolution to House Bill 4472; 2257 Statute Revamped
by Mark Kernes (Courtesy of
Chatsworth, Calif. – What do Megan Kanka, Jetseta Gage, Jessica Lunsford, Sarah Lunde, Amy Zyla, Christy Ann Fornoff, Polly Klaas, Jimmy Ryce, Carlie Brucia, Amanda Brown, Molly Bish, Samantha Runnion and Adam Walsh all have in common?
7/27/2006Deceptive Source Code Law Part of Adam Walsh Act
by Layne Winklebleck (Free Speech Coalition)
Washington, DC – The mandatory labeling bill by Senator Jon Kyl (R-AZ) called the “Stop Adults’ Facilitation of the Exploitation of Youth Act,” or “Internet SAFETY Act,”?? (S.3499) thankfully did not get out of committee this year.
7/26/2006Judge Blocks Texas Agency From Seizing Porn, Cites 1st Amendment
by Michael Hayes (Courtesy of
Houston – The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) will no longer be able to seize adult videos and publications it deems obscene without first securing a court order, according to a ruling from a federal judge.
7/25/2006House Passes H.R. 4472
by Michael Hayes (Courtesy of
Washington – A bill that could drama-
tically alter the 2257 record-keeping statute has moved one step closer to becoming law as the U.S. House of Representatives passed the Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act of 2006, sending the legislation to President Bush for his signature.
7/23/2006Industry Alert: Senate Agrees to Revamping of 2257 Statute
by Mark Kernes (Courtesy of
Chatsworth, Calif. – What do Megan Kanka, Jetseta Gage, Jessica Lunsford, Sarah Lunde, Amy Zyla, Christy Ann Fornoff, Polly Klaas, Jimmy Ryce, Carlie Brucia, Amanda Brown, Molly Bish, Samantha Runnion and Adam Walsh all have in common?
7/21/2006Commentary: Squelching Adult Speech and Wasting Taxpayer Dollars
by By Robert D. Richards & Clay Calvert
Los Angeles – The red carpet is rolled out, as the celebrities arrive and the cameras flash, with klieg lights shooting high up into the air on a warm July Saturday night in downtown Los Angeles.
7/20/2006Exotic Dance Club Loses Appeal Over Alcohol Issue
by Layne Winklebleck (Free Speech Coalition)
Philadelphia, Pa. — The 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has upheld a summary judgment by U.S. District Judge Robert B. Kugler of the District of New Jersey in 181 South Inc. v. Fischer, a challenge of a New Jersey law prohibiting “lewdness or immoral activity” — interpreted to include exotic dancing — in clubs that serve alcohol.
7/19/2006AIM Offers HPV/Cervical Cancer Vaccine
by Michael Hayes (Courtesy of
Los Angeles – The Adult Industry Medical Health Care Foundation (AIM) has become one of the first clinics in the nation to offer the HPV/Cervical Cancer vaccine to women, recommending it to all female talent working in the adult entertainment industry.
7/19/2006Israel Cracks Down on Porn
by Michael Hayes (Courtesy of
Jerusalem ? Internet porn may soon be unavailable in Israel if lawmakers from the ultra-Orthodox Shas party have their way; the group set fourth a two-pronged piece of legislation aimed at curbing online adult content in the country.
7/17/2006‘Night of the Stars’ Is All Business
by Mike Albo (Courtesy of
Los Angeles – The Free Speech Coalition held its 19th annual “Night of The Stars” Awards Show Saturday night at the Los Angeles Center Studios downtown. With Sister of Perpetual Indulgence Roma and Tim Valenti serving as co-hosts and presenters, the evening had a definite flamboyant edge. Think Sonny and Cher filtered through an LSD fog.
7/15/2006FSC to Honor Jill Kelly, Mr. Marcus and Others
by Carlos Martinez (Courtesy of
Chatsworth, Calif. – Adult performers Jill Kelly, Mr. Marcus and gay performer Michael Brandon will be among those that will be honored at the Free Speech Coalition’s 19th annual Night of the Stars to be held at 7 p.m. [today] at L.A. Center Studios, 450 S. Bixel St. in downtown Los Angeles.
7/12/2006Court Rules in Cleanflicks Case
by Layne Winklebleck (Free Speech Coalition)
Denver – U.S. District Judge Richard Matsch has ruled in favor of the Directors Guild of America and a group of prominent movie directors, including Robert Altman, Steven Soderbergh and Steven Spielberg…
7/10/2006AVN Editorial: The Porn Math Lesson
by Mark Kernes (Courtesy of
Chatsworth, Calif. – Remember how, after Sept. 11, 2001 and the swift passage of the USA PATRIOT Act, when a lot of us civil libertarian types were warning that if the U.S. began restricting civil liberties – targeting Middle Easterners for searches, holding people in prisons without…
7/8/2006Commentary: Morality in Media Chief Needs A Science Lesson
by Mark Kernes (Courtesy of
New York – In light of the plummeting rape statistics nationwide, and the temerity of one Chicago Tribune columnist to question whether that drop could be attributable to more people watching more porn, Morality In Media president Robert Peters has decided to weigh in on the question of whether that cause-and-effect exists. In the process, Peters reveals how little he knows about science.
7/6/2006ASACP to Offer “Adults Only” Label
by Michael Hayes (Courtesy of
Los Angeles – To better help parents filter adult content from their children online, the ASACP plans to trademark an “adults only” label. The nonprofit will offer the label to the adult entertainment industry.
7/3/2006Judge Says City Illegally Closed Adult Store
by Carlos Martinez (Courtesy of
Chatsworth, Calif. – An Allegheny County judge has ruled that an adult novelty store was illegally forced to close. Judge Joseph M. James ruled Thursday that the Robinson Township Zoning Hearing Board failed to follow the rules of its own ordinance when it forced…
6/30/2006 News Analysis: It’s People Vs. Freeman, Florida Style
by Mark Kernes (Courtesy of
Pensacola, Fla. – Any of this look familiar?: “Defendant … hired and paid actors to perform in a nonobscene commercial film which portrayed sexually explicit acts. On that account he was charged with and convicted of five counts of pandering…
6/29/2006Senate Panel Rejects Net Neutrality
by Steve Javors (Courtesy of
Washington – In a narrow vote, the U.S. Senate Commerce Committee failed to enforce strict net neutrality regulations. The panel, knotted at 11-11, rejected the Democrat-backed bill. A majority was needed for the bill to pass.
6/29/2006Senate Telecommunications Bill Update
by Layne Winklebleck (Free Speech Coalition)
Washington – The Senate Commerce Committee has voted to send a broad telecommunications bill — the Communications, Consumer’s Choice, and Broadband Deployment Act — to the full Senate for a vote.
6/28/2006Senate Approves Web Labeling; Bill Faces House Battle
by Steve Javors (Courtesy of
Washington – The U.S. Senate Commerce Committee, with the backing of the Bush administration, approved an amendment to a wide-ranging telecommunications bill that would require mandatory website labeling on pages that contain explicit sexual images.
6/27/2006Idaho: Store Owners Bend to Pressure, Decide to Move
by Matt O’Conner (Courtesy of
Twin Falls, Idaho – Despite promising not to buckle to public pressure, the owners of retail store Naughty But Nice have decided to pack up shop and vacate their location.
6/26/2006Webmaster Ray Guhn Arrested in Florida
by Steve Javors (Courtesy of
Pensacola, Fla. – Webmaster Clinton Raymond McCowen, aka Ray Guhn, was arrested on Friday along with his partner Kevin Patrick Stevens, and charged with racketeering, engaging in prostitution and the manufacture and sale of obscene material.
6/22/2006Staying of Amended 2257 Marks 1-Year Anniversary
by Michael Hayes (Courtesy of
Washington – The now historic order by Judge Walker D. Miller to stay the enforcement of the new rules imposed on 2257, the federal record-keeping and labeling requirement for adult content, has reached its one-year anniversary.
6/19/2006Advertiser Pulls MySpace Ad, Citing Porn
by Michael Hayes (Courtesy of
Santa Monica, Calif. – Advertisers on the social networking – now a News Corp. property – have objected to their ads appearing on pages belonging to porn stars such as Jenna Jameson and Tera Patrick.
6/19/2006Australia to Subsidize Internet Filter
by Steve Javors (Courtesy of
Sydney – Having explored many options to keep children from accessing pornography, Australian Communications Minister Helen Coonan has decided on a federal subsidy for parents who buy filtering software for their home computers.
6/19/2006Net Neutrality Enhancements Considered in Senate Committee
by Layne Winklebleck (Free Speech Coalition)
Washington, DC – Senate Commerce Committee Chairman Ted Stevens (R-AK) has modified his version of the proposed telecom legislation to include protections for net neutrality, and has added a new section called “Internet Consumer Bill of Rights Act,”
6/15/2006News Analysis: The Pornography Jurisdiction Limitation Act
by Mark Kernes (Courtesy of
Washington, D.C. – You’ve heard of the First Amendment, right? You know, that pesky constitutional amendment that says, in part, “Congress shall make no law … abridging freedom of speech, or of the press.” And you’ve probably seen it argued here
6/15/2006Senate Bill with Heavy Penalties Introduced
by Layne Winklebleck (Free Speech Coalition)
Washington, DC — Senator Jon Kyl (R-AZ) along with eight Republican co-sponsors has introduce S. 3499, a bill that includes a range of new and very harsh penalties related to both child pornography and adult…
6/14/2006Utah PTA and Legislators File Amicus in FSC v. Shurtleff
by Layne Winklebleck (Free Speech Coalition)
Salt Lake City, UT – Utah’s Parent Teacher Association (PTA) and 37 state legislators have filed an application of Amici Curiae (friend-of-the-court brief) against the Free Speech Coalition’s (FSC) challenge to the Utah Child Protection Registry.
6/14/2006New Anti-porn Legislation Proposed
by Michael Hayes (Courtesy of
Washington, D.C. – Angry over rulings by federal courts striking down anti-porn legislation on 1st Amendment ground, Rep. Chris Cannon, R-UT, has proposed a new bill that would take jurisdiction in such cases away from the federal…
6/13/2006Canadian ISPs Look to Ban Porn Sites Without Going to Court
by Michael Hayes (Courtesy of
Toronto – A proposal at the Canadian Telecom Summit could pave the way for Internet service providers to remove objectionable websites, including those that contain pornography, without having to engage in protracted legal engagements with site
6/11/2006Obscenity Ban Fails, Zoning Plan OKd in Montana
by Rhett Pardon (Courtesy of
Billings, Mont. – Voters in Yellowstone County last week defeated a proposed ordinance that would criminalize “obscenity”?? made available to one or more people of any age.
6/7/2006Upstate N.Y. Town Restricts Adult Stores
by Steve Javors (Courtesy of
Kendall, N.Y. -? Adult stores are under siege in a small New York town near Rochester. The Kendall Town Board is expected to pass an amendment to a local zoning ordinance that aims to restrict the locations of adult businesses.
6/7/2006Cannon Aims to Strip Federal Courts of Obscenity Jurisdiction
by Darklady (Courtesy of
Washington, DC — If Utah Represen-
tative Chris Cannon gets his way, the Supreme Court will never be faced with another state pornography case again. Not because states will stop pushing for obscenity related convictions…
6/5/2006Five Star Case May Be on Fast Track
by Mark Kernes (Courtesy of
Phoenix – By order of U.S. District Magistrate Edward C. Voss, the indictment against Five Star Video and its owners, as well as JM Productions and its owner, was unsealed on June 1 – but that’s not the most interesting…
6/1/2006JM Productions Indicted on Federal Obscenity Charges
by Mark Kernes (Courtesy of
Phoenix – Federal indictments charging seven counts of interstate trafficking in obscene material were reportedly unsealed today against JM Productions and its principal Jeff Steward, as well as retailer/Internet distributor Five Star Video…
6/1/2006Eddie Wedelstedt Begins 13-Month Prison Sentence
by Mark Kernes (Courtesy of
Denver – Veteran adult industry entrepreneur Eddie Wedelstedt, owner of Goalie Entertainment and its chain of retail outlets, will today begin serving the 13-month sentence handed down by federal district Judge Ed Kinkeade…
5/31/2006ICM Registry Opens “Industry Reservation” Period for .XXX, in Spite of Recent ICANN Vote
by Q. Boyer (Courtesy of
Cyberspace – As an old saying often attributed to Yogi Berra goes, “It ain’t over ’til it’s over.” ICM Registry, the registry operator whose application for a new .XXX sponsored top-level domain was rejected by the Internet Corporation
5/31/2006Moonlighting Porn Cops Not Protected, Appeals Court Says
by Gretchen Gallen (Courtesy of
Palm Beach, Fla. – Porn and the law have once again brushed up against each other, and this time an appeals court has determined that two Palm Beach police officers moonlighting as adult content cannot enjoy protections of the 1st and 14th Amendments.
5/29/2006Despite Earlier Rejection, ICM Plans .XXX Domain Reservation
by Rhett Pardon (Courtesy of
Jupiter, Fla. – ICM Registry, which was unsuccessful in obtaining ICANN Board support for the .XXX sponsored top-level-domain, plans on creating an ???industry reservation” period for .XXX domain names despite the rejection, XBIZ has learned.
5/26/2006New York Seeks to Regulate Domain Names
by Steve Javors (Courtesy of
Albany, N.Y. – According to a New York State proposal if you’re a fan thinking of buying a domain named after your favorite adult star, think again. A new bill seeks to outlaw the domain name registration of a living person by another person, with
5/25/2006City Blocks Boston Adult Store’s Plans to Relocate
by Carlos Martinez (Courtesy of
Boston – City officials have filed a cease-and-desist order against the owners of Moonlite Reader adult video store who relocated their business to a building near a Little League baseball field.
5/25/2006Florida City Forces Adult Store to Move
by Thomas J. Stanton (Courtesy of
New Smyrna Beach, Fla. – The Florida city has approved an agreement with the owner of an adult video store that would make the business leave its current location after three years.
5/20/2006Ohio 2257 Decision Could Impact FSC Case
by Matt O’Conner (Courtesy of
Cleveland, Ohio – A U.S. District Court judge has denied a request from Connection Distributing, publisher of swingers magazines and a website, for injunctive relief against enforcement of 2257 record-keeping regulations.
5/19/2006ICM Registry Appeals to ICANN for Reconsideration, Files Violation of Freedom of Information Act Complaint
by Q. Boyer (Courtesy of
Cyberspace – In documents posted to its website today, ICM Registry disclosed that it has filed a ?motion of reconsideration” to ICANN and a complaint against the Department of Commerce in the DC Court.
5/18/2006Gonzales Announces Implementation of Project Safe Childhood; Warns About Effects of ?Obscenity.”
by Q. Boyer (Courtesy of
Washington, D.C. – In prepared remarks announcing the launch of Project Safe Childhood, a new federal child-protective initiative, Gonzales spoke not only of his concern over an “epidemic of sexual abuse and exploitation of our children,”
5/15/2006Supreme Court Denies Certiorari in Extreme Associates Case
by Q. Boyer (Courtesy of
WASHINGTON, DC ? The Supreme Court has denied a petition for a writ of certiorari (or ?denied cert,? as it is more commonly known) in the case of Extreme Associates v. United States, according to a list of orders for May 15th posted to the Supreme
5/15/2006Sensenbrenner Bill Would Log Internet Records
by Steve Javors (Courtesy of
Washington, D.C. – If Rep. F. James Sensenbrenner (R-Wisc.) had his way, Internet service providers would retain users activity records for a “reasonable amount of time.”? The legislation Sensenbrenner is going to propose, according to
5/11/2006Republicans Target Social Networking Sites
by Michael Hayes (Courtesy of
Washington, D.C. ? In a move that could have far-reaching implications for operators of social networking sites ? adult-oriented and general interest alike ? House Republicans have announced legislation that would restrict minor?s access to the si
5/10/2006ICANN Board Rejects .XXX TLD in 9-to-5 Vote
by Tom Hymes (Free Speech Coalition)
Marina del Rey, Calif. – In a 9 to 5 vote, the Board of Directors of ICANN, the International Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, today rejected the ICM Registry application that would have established a voluntary .XXX top-level domain (TLD)
5/9/2006Store Busted in Oklahoma, Porn Confiscated
by Michael Hayes (Courtesy of
Pocola, Okla. – Police raided and closed a local adult video store, alleging that the store sold material in violation of state obscenity laws.
5/8/2006Larry Flynt Calls on ICANN to Reject .XXX
by Gretchen Gallen (Courtesy of
Beverly Hills, Calif. ? With the fate of the .XXX top-level domain likely to be decided on Wednesday, porn titan Larry Flynt, owner of the LFP publishing and Internet conglomerate, has weighed in on the matter and he gives it the thumbs down.
5/4/2006FSC Files Motion for Preliminary Injunction Over Utah Registry
by Rhett Pardon (Courtesy of
Salt Lake City, Utah ? The Free Speech Coalition filed a motion in federal court Thursday seeking a preliminary injunction to enjoin enforcement of Utah?s Child Protection Registry.
5/1/2006Wireless Carriers Set Strict Decency Standards for Content
by Larissa Gates (Courtesy of
WASHINGTON – As music and video programming becomes widely available for cell phones, major U.S. wireless carriers are quietly setting strict decency standards for their content partners in an effort to stave off criticism from customers and regulators,
4/21/2006Vegas Strip Club Owners Challenge State Tax
by Carlos Martinez (Courtesy of
LAS VEGAS – The owners of eight strip clubs have asked a federal judge to throw out Nevada???s live entertainment tax, claiming it???s a violation of their First Amendment rights.
4/20/2006Nevada Adult Clubs Cite 1st Amendment Over 10% Tax
by Andrew Noyes (Courtesy of
LAS VEGAS ? More than a half-dozen Nevada adult entertainment venues are suing the state, claiming its Live Entertainment Tax is an unconstitutional tax on an expressive activity protected by the 1st Amendment.
4/19/2006 ICM Registry Submits Revised Proposed .XXX Registry Agreement to ICANN; New Comment Period Commences
by Tom Hymes (Free Speech Coalition)
Marina del Rey, Ca – A revised proposed .XXX Registry Agreement was submitted to ICANN by ICM Registry yesterday, for consideration by the Board of Directors in a meeting May 10. Some of the changes and clarifications made to the revised Agreement were i
4/17/2006Extreme Associates Petitions The U.S. Supreme Court
by Mark Kernes (Courtesy of
CINCINNATI – After months of preparation, the Petition for Writ of Certiorari of Extreme Associates, Rob Black and Lizzy Borden has been completed and is on its way to the clerk of the United States Supreme Court – the defendants’ last s
4/10/200611th Circuit Overturns Pandering Portion of PROTECT Act
by Mark Kernes (Courtesy of
ATLANTA – In a ruling supportive of the First Amendment which was announced Thursday, the Eleventh U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that 18 U.S.C. ????2252A(a)(3)(B) of the PROTECT Act, which criminalizes the non-commercial pandering of images of
3/16/2006Senators Baucus and Pryor Author Bill to Create Mandatory Adult TLD
by Q. Boyer (Courtesy of
WASHINGTON, DC -? Senators Max Baucus (D-MT) and Mark Pryor (D-AR) introduced new legislation today that would serve to require websites that contain “?material that is harmful to minors” to operate from a new Top-Level Domain. The senat
3/13/2006The Senate Takes a Look at Pamphleteers
by Thomas J. Stanton (Courtesy of
Washington, D.C. – A recent story reported that in the eyes of one conservative group, a lesser-known Senate lobbying proposal would have forced Revolutionary patriots to reveal their leafleting routes to King George.
3/8/2006FSC Blasts New Bill Toughening Record Keeping Law
by Carlos Martinez (Courtesy of
CANOGA PARK, Calif. – The industry trade group, Free Speech Coalition, is blasting the House of Representatives???????? passage on Wednesday of a bill that would toughen record keeping requirements for the adult industry.
3/7/2006Wedelstedt: “Justice” In Dallas
by Mark Kernes (Courtesy of
Dallas, Texas – The drive from the Dallas/Fort Worth Airport is not without its humorous moments. One passes under the President George Bush Turnpike that runs through Irving, Texas (isn’t it common form for a president to be dead before naming structure
3/3/2006Wedelstedt Sentenced to Federal Prison Camp
by Dan Miller as Reported by Mark Kernes (Courtesy of
Dallas, Texas – Goalie Entertainment owner Edward Wedelstedt on Thursday was sentenced to 13 months in Englewood Federal Prison Camp in Littleton, Colorado as part of his guilty plea to one count of obscenity.
2/28/2006Property Rights Trump Zoning In Colorado
by Mark Kernes (Courtesy of
DENVER – Veteran adult business defenders Art Schwartz and Michael Gross have just won a couple of major victories over Colorado zoning ordinances statewide, where local authorities have attempted to close an adult cabaret and a bookstore based on set-ba
2/23/2006FSC Responds To Motion to Dismiss 2257 Lawsuit
by Mark Kernes (Courtesy of
CHATSWORTH, Calif. – Attorneys for the Free Speech Coalition (FSC) have filed the plaintiffs’ response to a motion by the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) for summary judgment in Free Speech Coalition v. Gonzales, FSC’s lawsuit to strike down 18 U.S.C. ?
2/22/2006Google Stung by Judge’s Ruling on Explicit Photos
by Thomas J. Stanton (Courtesy of
LOS ANGELES – According to a U.S. judge, Internet giant Google Inc. infringed copyright rules by posting explicit, thumbnail-size photos from other websites on its search results pages, according to a published report.
2/2/2006Analysis: The Alito Problem
by Mark Kernes (Courtesy of
Washington, D.C. – The confirmation of Third Circuit Appeals Judge Samuel Alito to the U.S. Supreme Court cements a plurality of hard-line conservatives on the nation’s highest court, and arguably gives control of all three branches of the United States
1/25/2006Commentary: Mr. Cambria Goes to Washington: Christian Mann Responds to Critics of Cambria’s Senate Testimony
by Christian Mann
North Hollywood, Calif. – After watching the proceedings in front of the Senate Committee, culminating with Paul Cambria’s statement and the ensuing Q&A;, I expected the litany of second-guessing and armchair lawyering from the gallery, i.e. the different
1/21/2006Does Paul Cambria Speak for You? Attorney Misses Golden Opportunities in Senate Testimony
by Connor Young (Courtesy of
On a lazy Thursday afternoon I found myself watching C-SPAN with a mixture of frustration and disappointment as respected adult industry attorney Paul Cambria got up before a United States Senate committee and made a number of extremely unfortunate mista
1/21/2006Industry Representative at Senate Hearing
by Layne Winklebleck (Free Speech Coalition)
Washington, DC – Misinformation and threats of legislative action against the adult Internet characterized a recent hearing of the Senate Commerce Committee here, titled ?Protecting Children on the Internet.?.”
1/3/20062257 Ruling Draws Mixed Reactions from Attorneys
by Mark Kernes (Courtesy of
Chatswroth Calif. – The majority of the industry breathed a sign of relief when published its analysis of the ruling by Judge Walker D. Miller on the preliminary injunction sought by Free Speech Coalition (FSC) in its lawsuit against the 2257 law

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