Thursday, June 29, 2006

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Theocrats Call On Justice Department To Bust Hotel Pay-Per-View
By: Mark Kernes (Courtesy of
Posted: 8/9/2006

Cincinnati – Spearheaded by Phil Burress’ Citizens for Community Values (CCV), 13 religio-reactionary groups claimed to have placed an ad in today’s USA Today calling on the U.S. Department of Justice to investigate and prosecute companies which supply adult videos for hotel pay-per-view systems. The ad, which can be found on the CCV and the Family Research Council’s websites, apparently appears only in the D.C. and New York City editions of the newspaper.

The specific targets of the ad, which is titled "If what begins with a click can end as a registered sex offense, it’s time we rethink hardcore porn," are OnCommand and LodgeNet, which are termed "two companies … largely responsible for flooding U.S. hotels with the majority of highly alarming and pornographic video content." Not explained in the ad are why such videos are "highly alarming," nor which particular sex offenses are "registered."

However, the ad does quote "the usual suspects": Dr, Mary Anne Layden, who’s testified several times before U.S. Senate subcommittees who objectives have been to attempt to find ways to prevent Americans from viewing sexually explicit material, and former FBI agent Roger Young, another oft-quoted anti-adult activist.

"It is a known fact that registered sex offenders use adult hardcore pornography as a high-octane fuel to direct dangerous sexual behavior toward others including children," the ad’s text begins. "The often-addictive nature of pornography – which many view as a private act – continues to have drastic public consequences."

In fact, all legitimate studies have shown that pedophiles are completely uninterested in "adult hardcore pornography"; it doesn’t turn them on. Moreover, it’s unclear what the organizations mean by "dangerous sexual behavior toward others": Not using condoms? Getting blowjobs while driving? Most responsible adult producers oppose those practices as well – but it’s doubtful that that’s what the ad is directed toward.

But these organizations are already well on record as opposing premarital/extramarital sex and consensual sodomy – the kind that sometimes takes place in hotel rooms – and the U.S. Supreme Court as well is already on record, in Lawrence v. Texas, as declaring that such activities are outside the purview of the government.

The ad also disingenuously quotes from a 1983 study conducted by Dr. William Marshall of Ottawa, Canada, who, the ad says, has "found that 86 percent of serial rapists studied admitted to consumption of hardcore porn, with 57 percent admitting imitation of actual scenes from the material in the commission of their crimes." It is likely that, if questioned, more than 86 percent of serial rapists would admit to having consumed beef and milk before committing their crimes, suggesting that the scientific motto, "Correlation is not causation," once again applies.

But science has never found much favor nor carried much weight among the theocrats.

"We are calling on the Department of Justice and Federal Bureau of Investigation to immediately investigate the companies that distribute it to determine whether ‘adult’ videos being sold in hotels by OnCommand and LodgeNet violate long-established Federal and State laws regarding distribution of obscene material," said Burress, who over the past few years has attempted to convince various Ohio and northern Kentucky prosecutors to strong-arm hotels into banning adult pay-per-view.

Indeed, the ad notes that, "Even Sweden, an otherwise liberal bastion of sexual tolerance, has banned government officials from staying in hotels that offer pornography. Their decision this April followed the lead of the Netherlands in 2003."

What the ad doesn’t say is that it’s not the governments of those countries that’s banning officials from hotels with adult, it’s the military leaders who are responsible, since it is the military’s job to "negotiate deals with hotels which then apply to all other public sector officials traveling on business," according to The Local, a Swedish online newspaper. The Local also notes that the move came in response to pressure from ROKS, a Swedish women’s pro-censorship organization, which convinced the military leaders that preventing military officers and enlisted personnel from being able to access adult movies in hotel rooms would aid in recruiting women into the armed forces. Moreover, Sweden is hardly a "liberal bastion of sexual tolerance," having outlawed prostitution some years ago while it remains legal in several other Scandinavian and European countries, including the Netherlands.

"Pornography also contributes to addictive sexual behaviors which, in turn, help fuel the increasing proliferation of sex crimes against women and children by sexual predators who live in our neighborhoods," the ad claims. However, as behavioral psychologists and researchers know, there is no such thing as "porn addiction"; the disorder that may involve adult materials is "obsessive-compulsive disorder," which can manifest itself in an unhealthy fixation on anything from porn to gambling to prayer.

And finally, the ad opines that, "It’s high time America began thinking less of profiting from debasing women and more about prosecuting – under current laws – those who produce, sell and distribute hardcore porn." But sexually-explicit material is constitutionally protected unless a jury finds that it violates the standards set forth in the U.S. Supreme Court’s Miller v. California decision – and "debasing women" ("lowering in quality or value," which adult does in no greater measure than any other entertainment medium) isn’t one of those criteria.

In addition, the CCV website lists more than 50 PPV offerings that it claims "account[] for the tragic human and cultural expense from which [adult producers, distributors and hotels] profit," and the list includes features from every adult company that supplies the PPV systems.

"The lists speak for themselves," claimed thrice-married CCV President Phil Burress. "This is not mere nudity. We’re talking about every conceivable form of degrading, distorted sex. We’re talking about the types of material, which are addictive in nature, which men are lured into viewing in the privacy of their hotel rooms, and which have been responsible for sexual crimes and for the breakdown of countless marriages, families and careers. And we’re talking about a company and its leader who care more about the dollar than about those men, women, children and families."

Several of the theocrat organizations sponsoring the ad are also signatories to a letter from the Interfaith Stewardship Alliance, which urges religious people to ignore scientific findings proving the existence of global warming, and all oppose comprehensive sex education in schools, as well as condom distribution for HIV prevention in Third World countries.

Yeah, they care about "men, women, children and families"!

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