Thursday, June 29, 2006

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Robert Hill Releasing Target of 2257 Investigation
By: Mark Kernes (Courtesy of
Posted: 8/1/2006

Chatsworth, Calif. – As of 1 p.m. today, FBI agents were taking a lunch break in the middle of investigating the 2257 records of noted specialty company Robert Hill Releasing.

"We’re getting checked today by the FBI for the 2257," stated Lynton, owner of Robert Hill Releasing, one of the top she-male producers. "They’re very pleasant; we’re working with them whichever way they want. They’re getting all the information they need. Obviously, they’re checking for underage, I believe… They picked out movies, generally with younger titles; five or six titles, I believe; randomly picked, I believe, or maybe the titles indicate underage or whatever."

However, Lynton assured that none of his performers were in fact underage.

"Ours are in order, as far as we can tell," he said. "Everything seems to be going as smooth as possible right now. The gentlemen weren’t coming in here busting doors down. They were very pleasant. They brought their copy machines and they’re copying the IDs and all of the paperwork."

According to Lynton, the agents did not have a search warrant of any sort.

"They just showed their badges and indicated what they were here for," Lynton explained. "They actually mentioned, ‘Have you been reading the AVN, that we’re going to be doing this?’ They actually did say that."

Lynton didn’t have a lot of conversation with the agents, but they did indicate that this was one in a series of ongoing investigations.

"I believe they’re going to be going down the road, from what I understand," he said. "I believe they’re picking out companies and they’re going to be checking 2257. They indicated that they know more or less the top companies, that they know their paperwork is going to be more or less correct. I believe from what they’re  indicating that they believe, with some of the smaller companies, is where they’re going to be finding problems."

Robert Hill Releasing is the third company to indicate that it has been inspected for compliance with the federal recordkeeping and labeling law in the past 10 days, and the agents have reportedly told others that there are some 23 adult video and website companies that they intend to visit over the coming weeks.




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