Thursday, June 29, 2006

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2257 Inspections Have Begun!

July 24, 2006 – The Free Speech Coalition (FSC) has learned that the Federal Government has initiated the first of the long-awaited 2257 inspections. Five FBI agents today checked the records of a major (primary) producer of adult content for specific movies, used their own copying equipment and left the location.    

FSC urges you to check with your own attorney. 

If you are a primary producer or a primary and a "secondary" producer, expect an inspection. If you are in the second category and are also a member of the Free Speech Coalition, only the primary producer records are subject to inspection.

If you are exclusively a “secondary” producer, and exempt from inspection by virtue of your Free Speech Coalition membership, it is important that you ask your lawyer how to decline the Federal inspection, and notify the FSC office as soon as possible if such an inspection is attempted.


If your business is a secondary producer ONLY, and not a primary producer
(confirm with your lawyer) you may print the statement below and present it to would-be 2257 inspectors.  Misinform-
ing a federal official about your status
pertaining to 2257 inspections could result in criminal prosecution, and refusing to allow entrance, even if you believe it improper, could be both criminal and dangerous.

2257/4472 FAQ (NEW!)

"All businesses operating at this address are "secondary producers" within the meaning of the term in the preliminary injunction in the matter entitled Free Speech Coalition, et al. -vs- Alberto Gonzales, Case No. 05cv1126 -WDM (U.S.D.C., D., Colo).  As members of the Free Speech Coalition, the businesses located here are not subject to inspection by the any agent of the Department of Justice pursuant to the preliminary injunction issued in that above matter.  If there are any questions, please call… NAME OF YOUR LAWYER – PHONE NUMBER."


Free Speech Coalition Analysis of H.R. 4472 Available Online

Chatsworth, Ca. – The Free Speech Coalition has made available analysis of H.R. 4472 – the Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act of 2006
a bill that was passed by the Senate on Thursday July 20, 2006, and now moves to the House, where it is expected to receive final congressional approval early this week in time for signing by President Bush on Thursday July 27, 2006, the anniversary of the abduction of the bill’s namesake, Adam Walsh, son of John Walsh.

The legislation deals mostly with toughening laws related to child sexual predators, a laudible effort that has the full support of the Free Speech Coalition. Unfortunately, 4472 also contains the misleadingly-named Title V – Child Pornography Prevention, which significantly alters
the 2257 federal labeling and record-keeping requirements to the detriment of the legitimate adult entertainment industry.

Bullet point and summary analysis are avaialble on the FSC website. Please check back for updates as the Free Speech Coalition attorneys and staff track this important legislation.



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