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 Our online membership sign-up and/or renewal is not working at the present time, for personal service please call 1-866-FSC-9373 to sign up or renew by phone



To ensure the confidentiality and security of member information, all member contact and corporate information is stored in a secure database accessible only by designated FSC staff.  If you are receiving regular e-mail or mailed communication from us, we have your correct contact information.  If not, we don’t have it and your information needs to be updated. 

PLEASE NOTE:  Our website is undergoing additional improvements and maintenance.  During this period, you will not need to login as a member to access all materials on the website.   You will be notified by e-mail and/or on the website when login is again required.

Even if you’re regularly receiving materials from us, we strongly urge you to update contact information again now, to include:  Corporate/company name, all “doing business as” company names, websites, company owners’ name, preferred contact person’s name, physical business location, mailing address, e-mail address, phone numbers and the type of business or businesses you operate.    This is important because we are expanding and improving the information contained in our database to be sure we can cross-reference your membership through various means in order to serve you, our members, better.

Follow the Update Member Information link above.  Update your information as requested.  Hit the Send Button.  You’re finished.  It’s quick and easy and will help us to serve you better.

If you do not want, or if you cannot, complete the updated information online, or if you wish to become a new member, please contact our office at 1-866-FSC-9373.  Or, you can e-mail us at  You may leave a message and one of our friendly staff will return your call to complete your update within a day or two.

FSC is providing more information to members via e-mail or other electronic means.  This is especially true when we have an important Member Advisory to share that affects specific segments of the industry or the industry overall.  For this reason, providing us with an up-to-date e-mail address is important. 

If you cannot provide an e-mail address, we’ll continue to send certain materials to you through the U.S. Mail or other ground carrier options, but you may not receive all notices that could be beneficial to you.  Some information is only provided electronically.  E-mail will keep you informed much more efficiently. 

All other questions regarding membership or services should be sent to  You will receive a response to your inquiry, usually within 48 business hours. 

FSC strives to provide you with excellent, relevant and important services through the most efficient, cost-effective means possible.  Helping us to keep our records up-to-date and complete is an essential part of our ability to do so.  We appreciate your membership and your help with this very large, but important, project.




The Premise:  The Free Speech Coalition is a non-profit trade organization whose mission is to serve our members.  All of the programs and services we offer rely on dues-paying members in order to develop new and existing services and to maintain them.   In order for FSC to project its annualized budget and to hire appropriate levels of personnel to manage these programs and services, all FSC memberships are calculated one year at a time.

 The Policy:     Effective 5/1/06, the Free Speech Coalition will not refund member dues part-way through an annualized membership period.  New members may cancel their new membership, provided such cancellation occurs within the first thirty (30) days of membership sign-up, and provided that such notification is  given to FSC in writing during that 30-day grace period. 

Regular members may elect to cancel their membership at the end of each membership period, but may not cancel in the middle of a membership year.  This policy applies whether the new member signed up for membership directly through the FSC website, through Membership Representatives, at trade shows or elsewhere. 

Any member who elects to discontinue membership may do so at the end of the first full year of membership and at the end of any membership year thereafter.  Dues previously paid will be considered ‘earned dues’ for one (1) full year from the date of membership sign-up or annualized renewal.  Any member who signs up for membership and/or renews membership is expected to pay outstanding dues in full within 30 days of renewal and/or new sign-up.   

Member dues will not be reduced for any reason, unless, in the sole discretion of FSC, a member’s dues were inappropriately calculated at the onset of membership.  Members may not request to maintain the rights and privileges of full membership while simultaneously requesting reduced dues responsibilities.

Members who elect to pay through monthly or quarterly invoices or credit card billing who later elect to discontinue membership are responsible for paying their full, annualized membership dues each year, regardless of the frequency or method of payment chosen by the Member.   Any member who fails to pay outstanding dues in accordance with their agreement to FSC may be subject to collections. 

Therefore, members who wish to discontinue membership must elect to do so at the end of their individual, annualized membership period and before renewal into the next or subsequent membership year, as calculated by their initial date-of-membership.  Disputes over this policy will be resolved by the Membership Director of the Free Speech Coalition and/or his/her designee.
























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