AlleyBucks CEO Launches Second Charity Bid for Message Board Banner Space
By: Ken Knox (Courtesy of
Posted: 8/26/2006

Irvine, Calif.AlleyBucks Chief Executive Officer John “BoyAlley” Paul is stepping up to the plate yet again. Just a month after he helped raise $5,000 to be donated to the Ray Guhn Defense Fund by auctioning off banner space in his GoFuckYourself forum signature, Paul again has put his signature up for sale in the name of charity.

In his post on the GFY board, Paul writes, “This is your chance to get big pimpin’ big sig style, plus show the industry that you care by making a generous donation to the Free Speech Coalition.” He goes on to write the highest bidder will receive banner placement in his online signature for one month.

Paul tells that he decided to hold a second auction based on the success of his previous efforts. “[The Ray Guhn Defense Fund bid] was such a success that I decided to do it again to help raise money for an organization that directly helps all of us in the industry: the Free Speech Coalition,” he says.

“I get a lot of attention with my ‘BoyAlley’ persona on GFY and had a bunch of companies approach me wanting to ‘buy my sig’ in the past,” he adds. “Now that I’m an affiliate program owner…and make a good living, I really didn’t need to profit by selling my sig, but then I [thought], ‘Why not go ahead and sell it in a very public, high-profile way to benefit the industry that I am gaining so much from?”

Last month, WEGCash donated $5,000 to the Ray Guhn Defense Fund. At press time, the highest bid for this month’s auction was $4,500.

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