Judge Says City Illegally Closed Adult Store
By: Carlos Martinez (Courtesy of AVN.com)
Posted: 7/3/2006

Chatsworth, Calif. – An Allegheny County judge has ruled that an adult novelty store was illegally forced to close.

Judge Joseph M. James ruled Thursday that the Robinson Township Zoning Hearing Board failed to follow the rules of its own ordinance when it forced the Sassy Sensations sex toy boutique to close in September, the Allegheny Times reported.

Joseph said the ordinance specified nine types of adult businesses which were prohibited from operating in the area where the store is located. They were: adult arcade, adult bookstore, adult motel, adult theater, escort agency and sexual encounter center.

But Joseph said the board didn’t specify which category the Sassy Sensations fell into. Moreover, he exlained that none of the categories defined the business.

The store was forced to close shortly after it opened in September on the grounds that it violated the city’s zoning ordinance for adult businesses.

Robinson Township Zoning Officer Rick Urbano said he was unsure whether the township would appeal the decision.

Vanessa Fuchs, the shop’s owner, said she would reopen the store this coming week.

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