Store Owners Bend to Pressure, Decide to Move
By: Matt O’Conner (Courtesy of
Posted: 6/27/2006

Twin Falls, Idaho — Despite promising not to buckle to public pressure, the owners of retail store Naughty But Nice have decided to pack up shop and vacate their location.

Last week, The Magic Valley Times-News reported that Renee Carraway, the city’s planning and zoning director, was looking into whether the store, open for just more than a month, was in violation of Twin Falls’ adult business ordinance. Carraway apparently was responding to neighboring businesses that had complained about a large sign advertising the store.

At the time, Dee Roberts, who owns the store with her husband Scot, said that she had heard no complaints about the store, and that the landlord had simply asked that the Roberts be “discreet and tasteful” in their operation of the business.

She said she was sensitive to community concerns about the store and willing to compromise, adding, “We’ll bend, but we won’t break.”

But landlord Archie Goodman, claiming that the Roberts had misled him to believe the store would focus on toy and novelty items rather than hardcore DVDs, asked the Roberts to leave over the weekend, and they consented.

“They said they would be leaving as soon as they could find someplace to move to,” Goodman said.

The Roberts could not be reached for comment.

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