Gonzales Announces Implementation of Project Safe Childhood;
Warns About Effects of ÔÇťObscenity.”

By: Q. Boyer (Courtesy of YNOT.com)
Posted: 5/18/2006

Washington, DC – In prepared remarks announcing the launch of Project Safe Childhood, a new federal child-protective initiative, Gonzales spoke not only of his concern over an “epidemic of sexual abuse and exploitation of our children,” but of the degrading effect of “obscenity” apart from child pornography.

“I realize that child pornography and sexual enticement are not the only criminal activities that threaten our society,” said Gonzales. “Obscenity debases men and women, fostering a culture in which these heinous crimes against our children become acceptable. That’s why I formed the Obscenity Prosecution Task Force in the Criminal Division, which has worked together with their partners to investigate obscenity cases.”

Gonzales did not specify the connection between the DOJ’s anti-obscenity efforts and Project Safe Childhood, but did assure that “Project Safe Childhood will not detract from our efforts in this area,” and that the Project would “enhance our commitment to protect all Americans from these depraved crimes.”

“As a father and a citizen, I care deeply about these issues,” said Gonzales. “And as the chief law enforcement officer, I’ve made it a priority for the Justice Department to prosecute obscenity, child pornography, and sexual enticement cases.”

Gonzales emphasized the need for a more aggressive effort in combating child predators, saying that “at any given time, 50,000 predators are on the Internet prowling for children.”

“Project Safe Childhood will help law enforcement and community leaders develop a coordinated strategy to prevent, investigate, and prosecute sexual predators, abusers, and pornographers who target our children,” said Gonzales, adding “It begins not one moment too soon.”

In support of the Project, DOJ-funded “Internet Crimes Against Children Task Forces” (ICACs) have been formed at the regional level. Gonzales said that this year, the DOJ will award over $14 million dollars to fund ICACs, including the formation of a new ICAC in southern Texas, just announced during Gonzales’ remarks today.

Gonzales emphasized a theme of coordination and cooperation between multiple agencies at all levels of government, as well as the need for yet more new laws.

“Project Safe Childhood will help make law enforcement more coordinated and better trained as they work to protect our children on the Internet,” said Gonzales. “In addition, we need better legislation; both Houses of Congress have passed legislation addressing crimes against children and I urge Congress to complete this important work and send the President legislation for his signature in the near future.”

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