Thursday, June 29, 2006

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We the Free Speech Coalition believe in the word freedom as hardly anybody does these days. After countless disputes with the government, we successfully were able to protect the freedom of the American adult entertainment industry. During those years of legal battles which often ended up in a courtroom, we learned one thing for sure. There is always going to be a next round. There was always a new level of escalation coming from the state prosecutors trying to limit our right of free speech. In this article, we would like to update you on the most recent developments because it seems like the government just found a new angle on going after your rights and your freedom. As we stated on our website, we greatly depend on our donators to keep our doors open. Since we have nothing to hide, we openly admit that most of our donators are businesses coming from the online gambling industry. That also means that every time when you are casino online spielen, you are actively supporting our cause, most likely without even knowing it. For that, we would like to thank you and the providers where you are casino online spielen. But that also means that we are somewhat dependable and unfortunately the government seems to understand this situation as well. Therefore, they are trying to cut us off from our sponsors and ultimately trying to force us to close our doors. It looks like they are trying whatever they can to come after the adult entertainment industry in general. We have been told that they want to limit the amounts of money a single company can donate to an organization like us. Make no mistake though, that would not just harm us but many other organizations like us as well. Your rights may be in even greater danger if nobody is there any more to defend those constitutional rights. After our last meetings with our sponsors and donators however, we are proud to announce that they are standing behind us as strong as ever. As long as you as a player are casino online spielen, the providers will have the financial means to help us protect your and their interests from government interferences. Since we are also working on the complete redesign of our website and our entire online presence, a sudden stop of financial support from the adult entertainment community would hit us very hard. Free Speech is indeed so much more than just being able to watch your favorite or most recent adult entertainment movie or gambling when you are casino online spielen. If you want to see your rights protected from unlawful government interferences and you would not like to support us directly, all you have to do is register with one of the online casinos who are actively supporting us. Now you can simply go ahead and enjoy a round of Blackjack and while having the chance to land a big win, you will also supporting non-profit organizations like us. Because we will not give up to fight for our rights, but we need your help to do so. 

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